Adventure Racing

Katrina Bolduc was determined to make motherhood work with her athletic dreams.
The air was buzzing with thick, nervous energy, though it may have been the impending lightning and the light rumble of thunder
For those athletes who are not pro, but wouldn't turn down a green backs for racing well, here are eight of the richest endurance races that can still be won by a non-card carrying pro athlete!
"There were two coal miners in the first race (1911), Joseph Frankoviz and Norman Randall," Young told me in an email. "Randall
The IOC has done well to adapt to modern trends, adopting sports like snowboarding and BMX for the winter and summer games, respectively. With that said, here are five sports that should make their way into the Olympics sooner rather than later.
The Volvo Ocean Race, a yacht race around the world, began in Alicante, Spain in October, stopped in Cape Town, South Africa and was redirected to a secret port due to potential pirate attacks in the Straight of Hormuz.
We will do battle with the elements, the course and ourselves as we hurl into the chilly waters of Lake Michigan beginning at 6:00 AM.