advice for new parents

When you're a new parent, you believe a self-created hype: Your kid is the brightest, most beautiful, wonderful child in the world. Yeah... That bubble pops as the kid grows.
Getting my ridiculously huge stroller out of the trunk of my car nearly destroyers my back. And if I don't get the damn thing
I never thought I could experience so many emotions, and I never could have anticipated the ways life would change.
We seem to ignore, or to overlook, that several aspects of the experience of motherhood place a new mother in a state of great loneliness.
I think this kind of talk about babies and motherhood doesn't do new parents any favors.
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4. The Public Grocery-Store Meltdown 6. Discovering What The Term "Diaper Blowout" Really Means 7. Realizing You’ve Forgotten
We're learning the ins and outs of our own exhaustion, our own debilitating frustration, our own shortcomings as parents. We're learning to read each other better, to understand the different types of tired, to notice the I-can't-do-this-anymore looks on each other's faces.
This sweet video from The Daily Share features four expectant mothers as they ask their moms for advice and anecdotes about
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But let's get back to the no sleep thing. Countless moms and dads have lamented the sleepless nights, messy stains, piles
Despite being madly in love with motherhood, I can't help waxing poetic on occasion about my pre-child days. If anyone tries to tell you that your life will be the same after children as it was before, they are lying to you, plain and simple.
Get comfortable with nighttime feedings. It's easy to classify middle of the night bottle or nursing sessions as "pure, unadulterated misery" and revel in the exhaustion, but making the experience more pleasant is worth it.
Over time, you find that the love isn't split into three, it's multiplied by three, and that sharing isn't sharing anymore; it's a way of life that is so natural, beautiful and fulfilling that you can't imagine any other way.
We are all a messy conglomeration of strengths and weaknesses, with none of us having it totally down and none of us being completely inept. No, we're all just partly inept. Welcome to parenthood.
Your opinion is valuable, your advice even more precious. So, save it. Keep it for yourself. Odds are, you need it more than I do. So, please don't give that sh*t away, certainly not without even being asked, lest you be perceived as promiscuous.
As the parent of two terrifying little boys, I am afraid that I cannot fully ease the fears of prospective parents. Thus, in honor of Halloween, I have decided to put together a list of the most terrifying things you have to look forward to on your journey to parenthood.