advice for stepparents

"There’s always room for someone with good intentions."
"If you don't click right away with your stepkids, it doesn't make you a failure.
"Although it may look different in each home, peace can be obtained."
"Despite the initial distance, we are still together, still going strong and we're both determined to stay together till the end."
Not everything is in your control -- especially in a blended family.
"Everything starts at the top. It all starts with the mom and dad."
"Like -- or love -- does not happen in any specific timeframe."
The politics of divorce often come into play when it's time to have a wedding. Even if your parents have been happily apart for many years, the traditions surrounding weddings force everybody involved to declare, more or less, their position in life relative to the bride and groom.
The girls have given their blessing. So, now, we enter a new phase: we three girls getting oriented. My daughters and I have