advice for women

There is so much to all of this, but if you remember these basic ABC's, and use them as a platform by which you grow your relationship, it will surely be full of love.
When you are able to love yourself and be open to letting someone love you; and when you are able to love someone else in that same way, love cannot help but find you. And that love may surprise you utterly, and be the greatest love of all.
And, if it turns out that he isn't your man, then you won't have sold yourself short, or diminished yourself to be with him. You really have nothing to lose, except a person who is not the right person in the first place, and in that sense, you have nothing to lose at all!
We can fool ourselves out of our need or desperation and develop a fantasy about our man that seems, and feels true, but is not actually realizing. We may gloss over what we hope our partner can be, rather than what he actually is. We can even fall in love with his potential.
Once I actually learned how to eat well and exercise regularly so the weight would stay off, it was really easy to do so after my third son was born. As of today I've maintained a size four for nearly five years (I was formerly a 10/12) . So from one woman to another, I thought I'd share my best tips for how I maintain my weight.
"Maya Angelou said, 'When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.'"