ady barkan

White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino posted a fake video appearing to show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden falling asleep in an interview. The original footage comes from an interview with singer Harry Belafonte.
The Republican admitted the video shouldn't have been edited but maintained that the real interview still proved that Joe Biden wants to defund police.
Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted a video that altered the words of the progressive activist, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and speaks using voice assistive technology.
The terminally ill activist told the Democratic National Convention that health care for millions is at stake this November.
“What matters most to me is that Warren is all in for Medicare for All,” wrote Ady Barkan.
Ady Barkan believes that “millions of people like me will still be denied care by their for-profit insurance company” under Harris’ plan.
“Medicare for All is about a relationship that all of us have to each other,” Warren told Ady Barkan.
Passing "Medicare for All" would show we truly believe health care is a human right and that we all deserve to live with dignity.
Barkan's testimony was a highlight of the House hearing, which proved surprisingly substantive despite a clear partisan divide on the issue.
Ady Barkan, a health care activist dying of ALS, testified before the House Rules Committee in support of "Medicare for All."