aedes aegypti

The so-called "Friendly" insects, designed to naturally suppress yellow fever mosquito numbers in the U.S., have been approved for release in the Florida Keys.
Researchers aren't yet sure what effect co-infections could have on our body.
The virus cannot be spread from person to person.
“Evidence is mounting to suggest local transmission via mosquitoes is going on in South Florida."
Just because you want one, doesn't mean you're going to get one.
But, according to the WHO, the Olympics will "not significantly alter" the spread of Zika as it will be held during the winter months when the mosquito responsible for spreading the virus is less active:
Some Americans will have to be on high alert for Zika virus.
Associated with grave birth defects, the Zika virus tearing across Latin America could eventually affect more than half of the world's population.
Like dengue fever and chikungunya, Zika needs to be properly framed as a disease worsened by expanding cities and urban inequality. Over time, the unplanned growth of cities magnifies mosquito-borne threats, and the living conditions of urban poverty magnify them even more.
A combination of education, monitoring and good old-fashioned peer pressure helped eliminate the pest.