aerial photos

Photographer Johnny Miller's "Unequal Scenes" shows wealth discrepancy from above.
In the 1980s, photographer John Crawford spent hours in a helicopter, capturing naked bodies from hundreds of feet away.
Vincent Laforet is famous for photographing cityscapes from thousands of feet above the ground, sticking his head out of
Who needs a helicopter tour when you've got a drone? We're inclined to agree. Buckle up for the most dizzying virtual tour
Take a helicopter, hot air balloon or scenic flight over Africa's desert, plains and thundering falls for unforgettable views of the iconic destinations.
It's a big, big world, and these are big, BIG photos. In a stunning series of round-the-world photo tours, online nonprofit
"There are many ways of traveling. With the body. With the mind. Moving physically or not moving at all. You can move around
British artist Mishka Henner carefully stitched together satellite images to create these striking aerial photos of oil fields