aerial yoga

We expect our workouts to produce results. But it’s the rare, truly revolutionary routine that leaves us feeling not just
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Trilogy Sanctuary is much more than a yoga studio. It's a place to connect with your mind, your body and your peers. Here, owner Leila Whitehead and her students explain the allure and community mindset of Trilogy Sanctuary.
Aerial yoga might seem like an intimidating exercise at first but it can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. Many fitness clubs offer aerial classes for people of all fitness and skill levels. Check into the aerial options in your area, and you just might discover your favorite form of exercise yet.
The 75-minute class took students through standing and seated poses, inversions, balancing postures and meditations -- all using an aerial hammock suspended from the two hooks attached to the ceiling.
The practice has become increasingly accesible, as more variations provide a yoga for everyone. Even intense forms like Bikram
"This is my way of getting people to clue in to their creative side," Ms. Dortignac said. "Give yourself time to be a kid