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4. Give yourself meaningful incentives. Whether it involved our companies, our health or anything else, few of us stick to
Important: Join only those groups or organizations with the members and resources that can have a real impact on your success
It's a tall order, isn't it? Especially when we're so busy working in our businesses that we can easily lose sight of the
3. Don't assume being a connector will eat up all your time. It won't. Entrepreneurs worry that they'll be buried in to-do
We're in business to create huge value--for our customers and clients, our partners and teams and, of course, ourselves and our families. But the reality is that most entrepreneurs never create as much as value as they hope to. And even those who do a great job often find themselves unable to transfer that value into maximum personal wealth to fund the next chapter of their lives.
If that sounds like an easier-said-than-done concept, you're probably not familiar with Russell Brunson. A top online marketer
Social media has become a proven path to building a community of followers around your business. Marketing via YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets can be a huge driver of new customers as well as referrals from "marketing apostles" who identify with you and who feel personally invested in your future success.
As entrepreneurs, we can easily feel like the "odd man out"--unsure of what makes us tick and how to make our unique personalities work for us and our companies.
So how do we get ourselves to peak performance? That's exactly what Debi Silber is all about. A nationally recognized health
The path from being a great technician -- someone who does a job extremely well -- to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur can be a rocky one.