The insurance company refused to cover a type of radiation therapy for Orrana Cunningham, who had nasopharyngeal cancer.
It is the second large recent healthcare deal to win a thumbs up from the U.S. Justice Department.
The combined company will be led by current Cigna Chief Executive Officer David Cordani.
How is it legal for the company that sells me my meds to own the company that is supposed to help me afford them?
Aetna Inc’s board of directors approved the deal on Sunday, for approximately $207 per share in cash and stock.
The pharmacy chain's move is likely motivated by concerns Amazon could enter the health care sector.
I mean, you should probably already know all this, but here we go... 1. Trump ordered a missile attack on Syria late on Thursday
Insurers would be happy. Consumer advocates, not so much.
A federal judge concludes the company was trying to push through a controversial merger.
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Walking is an active form of meditation that can be done anytime. Here’s how to shift your perspective to take advantage of the technique.