Microsoft’s board asked for Bill Gates’ resignation in 2020 after details emerged of a past affair he had with an employee.
The "Name That Tune" host smothered a tabloid link to MyPillow guy Mike Lindell with comedic gusto.
The actor discussed the affair with her husband on her Facebook Watch series, "Red Table Talk."
I tried to comprehend how to mourn the loss of a man I was never supposed to have loved.
The Daily Mail's article about Steve Easterbrook's firing for an affair with an employee included a photo of him with Teigen, for some reason.
Brian Winchester testified this week in the 2000 slaying of his friend Mike Williams.
"No monkey business happened inside the Oval Office proper,” the former White House intern said in an interview for an upcoming docuseries.
"I still was in love with Bill at the time so I felt really responsible," Lewinsky told A&E.
"If you’re able to recover, no matter what side you’re on, it will take much longer than a simple physical affair," a 46-year-old man said.