There is an African saying goes like this: A common characteristic of a strong friendship has to do with feeling that our
Conclusion: The parenting role of the father to his daughter may be one of the most difficult and significant of human relationships.
Some of the basic needs you require to be met with the people you're in a relationship with are the need for inclusion, for control and for affection.
True Talk. Love is to be expressed. You can't claim to love your spouse if you don't say or show it -- in fact, you may even say it and he/she won't believe because you don't show it.
Parents need to agree to be calm when children get upset and scared. Arguments invite feelings of fear and create crises
Over the last four decades of my therapeutic career, I have asked many of my patients why and how they became love-withholders
Reciprocal and matching love styles are one of the most meaningful and delightful experiences people can experience. If the way each person's offerings of love are understood and welcomed by the other partner, they are far more likely to create magical, successful long-term relationships.
While I can't read her mind, I know that my cat is also constantly finding new ways to tell me she loves me. And just as there are specific behaviors through which a dog communicates love, there are specific, unique ways that our cats are saying "I love you."
This is where Parental Intelligence comes in. As the viewers, we begin to see how different emotions do not stay isolated