affirmative action

The group claims the Naval Academy has “no justification for using race-based admissions” now that it has been outlawed for colleges across the country.
The Supreme Court ruled last month to eliminate race-based affirmative action in college admissions.
"[F]amily members of alumni will be admitted on their own merits," university President Michael S. Roth said.
“I can’t do anything to remove my name from this decision, and that’s frustrating. All I can do is use more words to set the record straight.”
It’s the latest effort in a growing push against the practice of giving admissions priority to the children of alumni.
"I hoped that affirmative action could create a pathway for someone who looks like my son to gain access to the elite college campuses that have traditionally excluded us."
The former Trump adviser told 200 law school deans to respect the court's decision or see him in court.
In the wake of a Supreme Court decision that removes race from the admissions process, colleges are coming under renewed pressure to put an end to legacy preferences, the practice of favoring applicants with family ties to alumni.
Derrick Johnson condemned the Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action and singled out Justice Clarence Thomas.
The former vice president cited the experience of his family of white college graduates to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision.