affirmative action

The suit takes issue with how Harvard's legal journal chooses student editors, but didn't provide sufficient facts, the judge said.
“Who’s getting the thumb on the scale? Largely it’s not low-income or brown or black kids, it’s wealthy kids,” one expert said.
Policies that considered only test scores would have denied me the opportunity to be the first in my family to graduate from college.
A dozen top schools, including five Ivy league institutions, said they plan to continue to use race as a factor in admissions to bolster diversity.
"Don’t succumb to the pressure to make this some sort of an affirmative action pick," he recalled telling the president.
The Obama-era guidances on affirmative action were removed for being inconsistent with current law.
Discrimination against a particular group is fundamentally different from a program that simply recognizes the importance of diversity.
Just not at all in the way the Sessions' DOJ wants to "fix" it.
As President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice takes on affirmative action in college admissions, it’s more important than ever to understand what affirmative action is — and isn’t.
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1. Popular Affirmative Action Joke Declared Dead Over the years, there have been some creative twists on an old joke related
The sale charged white people more for baked goods than black and Latino people.
I also don't think it's fair to call Newsweek "liberal," especially without any proof to back it up. It's not easy to measure
“You belittled me...but you were completely ignorant of my struggles."
Finally, take a look at the percentages of African American and Latino students at these universities; again, the percentages