One Supreme Court decision does not cure 400 years of racism, and in fact, immediately after the decision, it was clear that some in our society still don't get it.
If America is to reverse the downward trend of achievement, we must focus relentlessly on rigorous content and instruction, and enable learners to understand that intelligence is not consigned by their genes, but something they must work hard to develop in their heads.
With the Supreme Court's opinion in Fisher, talented and bright students from all backgrounds, including different racial and ethnic backgrounds, will get a fair opportunity. That is good news for every American.
Let's hope that next week the Court looks back 40 years and follows the law as set forth in Defunis instead of reaching out unnecessarily to accomplish a political goal at least four of the Justices (and likely five) hold deeply -- to end affirmative action as we know it.
Even on UT Austin's Campus, there are still racial divisions. Bleach balloons, racist theme parties, and unintended segregation have allowed racial problems to persist at the university.
Ever since conservative courts and voters began trying to eliminate affirmative action in the 1990s, universities have sought
Referring to the terms of the 2003 ruling, Garre said judges should defer to a university's assessment of whether a "critical
With retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor looking on from the audience, Roberts and his fellow conservative justices savaged
The Supreme Court takes up Fisher vs. The University of Texas at Austin today, in a potentially landmark case that could
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is taking up a challenge to a University of Texas program that considers race in some college