The sentence is for violating the probation deal that kept him out of prison after killing 4 people in a drunk driving crash.
Money is expected to act as a buffer for life's hardships, but because of that buffer, children spoiled by entitlement are not equipped to deal with hardships on their own.
Most of the candidates in the Republican and Democratic Presidential primaries look for scapegoats to blame, claim they can govern better or smarter, promise to make America great again, or play ostrich with its head in the sand ignoring real problems altogether.
The IRS took five years to review the Crossroads GPS application for nonprofit social welfare status. This seems very odd since most Americans would need only five minutes to determine that such a group is about politics, not social welfare.
Imagine parents endlessly praising their son as "the smartest, handsomest, most athletically gifted boy since God created Adam." We'd conclude that they were thoroughly obnoxious, if not a bit unhinged. Yet the military remains just this sort of favored son, the country's golden child. And to the golden child go the spoils.
Explanations of the hints: Bob Dole doesn't like him, either: the former Republican Senate leader recently blasted Ted Cruz
If "affluenza" is indeed what caused Ethan Couch to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol count three times the legal limit for adults, resulting in the deaths of four people, he deserves to face consequences. But he also deserves to get some help.
This difference, of how our society perceives black and white children is what makes the juxtaposition of Couch and Rice particularly compelling. The individuals within the cogs of the criminal justice system examining the liability of Officers Loehmann and Garmback in the death of Tamir Rice absolved them of responsibility in Rice's tragic death.
A new year faces us. Who the hell are we and what have we become if we accept this kind of tragedy as unavoidable? What are our resolves?
Couch, 18, and his mother, Tonya Couch, were taken into custody on Monday evening in the Pacific Ocean resort of Puerto Vallarta.
Whereas Affluenza is categorized by a naive wealth-laden mindset that creates a narrow vision of how the world works and the consequences that one must bear for their actions, Lowcashism is the same disease but from a different set of causes.
The Texas sheriff hunting for the ‘affluenza teen’, who is missing after violating his probation, says it’s about time someone treated the spoiled teen like an adult.
How can parents help their own children say no to affluenza? Or to become caring young adults, forsaking refuge in addictive behaviors? One answer may be right down the street: Their local church, temple or mosque.
With "Full House" fame well under their belt by the time they shot the movie in 1995, the girls were surprisingly "very, very
Taxpayers are paying thousands of dollars to send people to prisons when the fines are less than the cost of incarceration. Some counties even brag about the amount of money raised from fines, but they are using false math.
Affluenza is quite possibly the only sickness on the face of the Earth where those who are afflicted by it show no sense of urgency to be cured.
Do we really need all this stuff? Why are we eating so much? Why can't we focus on what's happening right now? The symptoms and effects of affluenza are plentiful, but there is good news -- relief is possible, and it can be put into action right away.
Couch was ultimately sentenced to 10 years probation. Last month, prosecutors sought to put Texas teenager Ethan Couch behind