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The Taliban have not claimed responsibility for the attack.
President Obama recently announced a course correction relative to the U.S. troop reduction in Afghanistan. He is now convinced that the woes of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are far from over.
In the past weeks Kabul has been shaken by numerous suicide attacks. According to the security situation, armed guards seem to be posted at every corner of the Afghan capital.
The last U.S. Marine unit in Afghanistan and the last British combat forces were airlifted out of their former regional headquarters
Aikins said Wednesday that Raziq's career has continued unchecked because of his "usefulness" to the Afghan government, the
This year the Taliban launched their annual offensive six months ago on April 27, vowing a nationwide series of multiple
While it's certainly uncommon, fishing with explosives, or "blast fishing," as it's called, is not unheard of in many countries
A peaceful place last time I was there, with Afghan police and army units that worked well with American GIs, and U.S.-funded
Without strong and effective Afghan security forces, the Karzai government will not stand a chance against a resurgent Taliban.
By Mirwais Harooni and Samar Zwak Well-planned assaults in Kabul in the past year have raised questions about whether the
Since 2002, the international community has funded both the construction and ongoing maintenance of these facilities. According
According to Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, who is commanding the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, low literacy rates among
There is definitely a huge drug problem in Afghanistan, and our strategy seems to be the cause of it. Our allies that we desperately rely on are all high on drugs, selling drugs, or both. And not only are we paying for it, people are dying because of it.
Six billion dollars later, the Afghan National Police can't begin to do their jobs right--never mind relieve American forces
Several members of the commission, including co-chairman Christopher Shays, questioned DynCorp International trainer Don
Former officials familiar with the deal say that Blackwater is likely to get a Defense Department-issued contract worth several
The findings by Democratic staff on the Senate Armed Services Committee paint a disturbing picture of lawlessness that contributed
"Blackwater Worldwide's legal woes haven't dimmed the company's prospects in Afghanistan, where it's a contender to be a
Eikenberry's cables were a forceful argument against the "Obama Surge" of 30,000 American troops to Afghanistan. Some time after the cables were written, Eikenberry drank the Kool-Aid.