afghan refugees

Through stories, photos and videos, the female perspective unfolds.
If the troop surge is to be considered the new Afghan strategy, it is most likely destined for failure. The Obama administration
Three U.S. soldiers were killed and a fourth wounded in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province this month, their killer an Afghan
Desperate decisions on the road to refuge left a young Afghan mother disabled, bereaved and stranded. Her story illustrates
"I don’t want to go back to Afghanistan to get butchered."
“I have never been to Afghanistan. It is unfamiliar territory for me.”
The Mine Kafon Drone maps, detects and destroys landmines more quickly and safely than any existing technology.
Afghan refugee and inventor Massoud Hassani has designed a drone that maps, detects, and destroys landmines faster and safer than any existing technology. He believes the Mine Kafon Drone can find and destroy all the landmines in the world in 10 years.
The community project has fostered a new sense of unity among residents.
Sweden has a reputation for championing refugee protection. But recent changes to its asylum policies – especially the repatriation