Afghanistan girls

"She is modeling for young girls that it is wonderful to go to school and that it's ok to dream about having a career."
There is a potential catastrophe looming when foreign troops leave Afghanistan, as the central government could well sacrifice women and girls in future negotiations with the Taliban.
Their desire for education is palpable. The support from parents -- mothers and fathers --to educate their daughters is real. And the learning that is happening? That is the greatest hope for the future of all.
Those of us who were lucky to be born in families who could take us out of Afghanistan after the Soviet occupation have a responsibility towards those who we left behind.
Malala's courage has exposed the shocking truth about life for girls in areas dominated by extreme conservative forces. But it has also exposed the absolute determination and desire these girls have to receive an education.
The Afghan government said last year that the Taliban, which has been trying to adopt a more moderate face to advance exploratory
ASADABAD, Kunar Province — Shakila, 8 at the time, was drifting off to sleep when a group of men carrying AK-47s barged in