The Guardian cites one example of the rampant corruption, telling of then-Vice President Ahmad Zia Massoud arriving in Dubai
Against this background, the WikiLeaks story, which broke the day after the boxun leak, took on a special significance. In
When the media wants to defend their own terrible coverage of the war, they'll tell us that we should have known all along that they have been bearish on Afghanistan.
While this week's document dump from WikiLeaks on the war in Afghanistan may objectively contain no blockbuster -- game-changing disclosures in the form of any single document, it still manages to create something extraordinary: an extended period of time in which the media rushed to the cameras to insist that the big story is that there is no big story at all.
It really is a wonder that no one's talked about how bad the war is going until now. It's almost as if the press just naturally assumed the rest of us were as bored with the war as they were.
As reported last Friday, Pentagon investigators are currently pursuing Assange over concerns that he may be planning to release