afraid of the dark

To learn more about Glow Away or donate to the company, visit the Kickstarter campaign page. "The humbling impact that sales
Even if your child's fears seem unreasonable to you, you can help them feel more safe -- emotionally safe -- by not challenging the fact that they are afraid.
If you've ever stalked an ex on Facebook, then you know it's imperative not to accidentally click Like on something. Committing
Nighttime fears are common in kids Max's age. We are all familiar with a young child's fears of monsters and what lurks under the bed. I believe they most often represent a healthy way for a child to express his or her dawning awareness that the world can be a dangerous place.
When I went public on my fear of the dark, writing "me too" in what may have been one of my least helpful responses to a
Nearly half of the 42 participants whose answers qualified them as poor sleepers said they had some fear of the dark, versus
Our experience built massive appreciation for our working vision, but we all realized we missed an important aspect. No one else could see us fumble. We were all in it together, with no one to judge our foibles.