Captain Whennah Andrews was forced to wear a wig because her dreadlocks didn’t comply with the Army’s grooming policy.
Jessica Nabongo has traveled to 125 countries, and she's experienced the most racism in her home country, the U.S.
Some say the name was taken from meringue, a dessert topping made from whipped egg whites and sugar. PR man Leo Salazar jokes
Being of this land lies not in the color of your skin, the dialect you speak or your culture. It is an inner being.
Malachi Kirby talks about the importance of knowing yourself.
"Press freedom depends on safety," noted Guy Berger, UNESCO's director of the Division for Freedom of Expression and Media
"This crisis can be stopped. We know where the animals are that we need to protect."
A North Carolina school has come under fire for failing to have a culturally inclusive dress code.
Debbie Allen taught the girls an African dance and we're completely floored.
I recall meeting with one of my former colleagues at a University where we were both Professors. We were talking about obesity and how it is viewed culturally in the U.S. vs. some other countries. I began to tell her about this wonderful place called Fiji, where the women dancers, as an example, for the most part, are large, in terms of weight, in comparison to what the U.S. considers the standard of beauty, in terms of size.
After completing high school in Zimbabwe, T-Collar bargained with his parents, to relocate to LA and study music. The dream was to write and produce music for artists. Producing music was something that he loved started doing when he was a teenager.
My son had the opportunity to make history, which is now HIS story that he can share once he gets older. With all that has been going on, and to be able to stand with thousands, leaders and celebrities included, is monumental within itself.