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As LeBron James received his Icon 360 Award at Harlem's Fashion Row, the professional basketball player gave a personal speech and thanked his mother, his wife, his daughter.
The accused deputy allegedly yelled the N-word at an African-American colleague who was walking out of his home with his wife and kids.
An investigation showed Black people make up about 22% of Windsor’s population but accounted for about 42% of the department’s traffic stops in a 15-month period.
A group representing African American firefighters said members were "sickened and disgusted by this horrific display of unprofessionalism."
The network edited remarks the president made about baseball great Satchel Paige to make the comments seem racially insensitive.
The law “was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters,” the judges ruled in a 100-page majority opinion.
The first-in-the-country task force will spend two years addressing the harms of slavery and systemic racism.
Robert Rising, known to his clients as “the black lumberjack,” is dedicated to saving fallen trees and creating furniture out of rescued wood. Rising also seeks to break stereotypes around lumberjacks, and he mentors younger people of color who want to be part of an industry that often boxes them out.
Exploring the complicated racial legacy of country music reveals why the genre often goes from being a musical form to a vehicle for difficult conversations around race and identity.
Although slave labor created the economic basis of U.S. agriculture, the long-term effects of racism and systemic discrimination from U.S. Department of Agriculture programs continue to sideline African American farmers from land ownership.