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Exploring the complicated racial legacy of country music reveals why the genre often goes from being a musical form to a vehicle for difficult conversations around race and identity.
Although slave labor created the economic basis of U.S. agriculture, the long-term effects of racism and systemic discrimination from U.S. Department of Agriculture programs continue to sideline African American farmers from land ownership.
As a woman of color, Asha Castleberry felt isolated both in the U.S. Army and in the workforce, upon her return home.
Captain Whennah Andrews was forced to wear a wig because her dreadlocks didn’t comply with the Army’s grooming policy.
After the initial shock of his son's death subsided, Azim realized that there are victims on both sides of the gun.
Many prominent politicians and entertainers have worn blackface. The racist practice isn’t new.
Born and raised in a Hasidic home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, MaNishtana speaks out against the racism and bigotry he experiences within his own Orthodox community.
After her hilarious double act with Maya Rudolph and a no-nonsense approach to awards ceremony fashion, people are calling for Tiffany Haddish to host next year’s Oscars.
Beauty vlogger and social media star MonicaStyle Muse discusses her struggles growing up as an Afro-Latina, and how she came to embrace her identity.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors discusses the toll activism takes on mental health and how she copes with the pressure of fighting for racial equality in America.
African American women are credited with handing Doug Jones his historic victory in the Alabama Senate race. We spoke to some of them about why voting matters to them.
Various people describe what it has meant for them to be black, and how everyone's experience with it is unique.
These children ask their parents a very complicated question.
In Oxford, Mississippi we spoke to Detra Gardner for HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour. She told us about the racism she encountered earlier that day.
The first stop on HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour was St. Louis, Missouri. We learned how communities in "The Gateway to the West" have suffered and where change is needed.
For HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour, we asked if racial tensions in St. Louis have improved or worsened in the three years since unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer.
"It's a great step not only for women, but African-American women," the cadet's sister said.