African-American history

After watching the video, I wondered, "was that what Marie really thought of me?"
Local residents are protesting the sale while the nonprofit that owns it says selling it is crucial for its survival.
The measure is being praised as a "life-saving law” that has placed the state “on the right side of history.”
Sadie Roberts-Joseph, an inspirational leader who founded an African American history museum, was discovered dead on Friday.
Without black history, there would be no American history. Period.
The smear campaign has forced the broader public, particularly the African-American community, to reckon with his message.
States are trying to capitalize on the 50th anniversaries of many civil rights milestones.
The original version of the proposal would have exempted rural white areas from work requirements.
Moving beyond Black History Month and beyond the classroom.
Langston Hughes pioneered jazz poetry and led the Harlem Renaissance. #BlackGlory
Historian Carter G. Woodson created what eventually became Black History Month.
“Don’t just overlook the hard work that we did,” said one black woman who canvassed for Doug Jones.
"We recognize the importance of these vernacular, homemade images, this folk cinema, as an alternate history to the kinds of history that the mass media tells.”
The Johnson family reminds America why everyone should recognize the contributions of black Americans.
But the percentage of African-American students at the University of Virginia still greatly lags behind that of black high school graduates in the state.