African-American history

How ironic that critics of “wokeness,” who mock people needing safe spaces, are trying to create their own safe space by omitting "negative" history.
Florida high school students threaten to sue the GOP governor over a ban on an advanced placement course he dismissed as “indoctrination, not education.”
The grave markers will be part of a memorial garden honoring the 37,000 people buried at the original cemetery.
Tubman spent part of her childhood in the cabin before escaping slavery and leading others to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
Native Americans endured racism, oppression and new diseases brought by the European settlers -- a history that can't be ignored, some descendants say.
"You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself," Jessica Krug of The George Washington University wrote on Medium.
After watching the video, I wondered, "was that what Marie really thought of me?"
Local residents are protesting the sale while the nonprofit that owns it says selling it is crucial for its survival.
The measure is being praised as a "life-saving law” that has placed the state “on the right side of history.”
Sadie Roberts-Joseph, an inspirational leader who founded an African American history museum, was discovered dead on Friday.