african american males

This is the sad reality for most people of color in this country, especially African American males. We are guilty until proven lucky. Not even guilty until proven innocent. And very rarely are we even given the benefit of the doubt.
The dramatic web series "For Colored Boys" looks into the lives of African-American men from all walks of life. They face fears, overcome challenges and mend relationships.
Many teens are in a hurry to grow up. Now research suggests that African-American boys are more likely to be viewed as adults
Ironically, the same folk that are calling Sherman a thug are the same folk that called Jonathan Martin a "sissy" for taking a professional and personal stand against harassment.
Researchers enlisted 515 African-American males at Howard University and analyzed their blood pressure rates and incidents
We credit our ability to keep significantly more students than other schools to our engaging and unique positive school culture.
The men and women who graduated from the Ready, Willing & Able program (RWA) have met the requirements to become self-sufficient contributing members of society.
Honestly, I know your son has needs that are legitimate and need to be addressed, but I respectfully am not his daddy and truthfully I don't have the time to be what your one son needs.
The notion is that these women are dangerous women. The police slayings of black women in some cities, the upswing in violent
We save young black boys not by sharing their opinion of their own lives, but by nourishing a grander dream for them than the one they currently dream for themselves.