African-American music

Artifacts at the National Museum of African American Music include Ella Fitzgerald's Grammy Award, B.B. King's guitar and Louis Armstrong's trumpet.
States are trying to capitalize on the 50th anniversaries of many civil rights milestones.
With a career that spans nearly two decades, David is a force to reckon with.
“No matter where you are from or what you look like, music is a bond that can bring us all together."
The legendary singer opens up on the importance of receiving black awards.
Discussing the political mechanism behind the success of today’s independent black musicians. Every other Winner has been
Tyehimba Jess brings 19th-century black musicians back to life. By Kyla Marshell Tyehimba Jess's new book, Olio, is big in
An African-American woman releases a #1 rock album, Queen Latifah totally dominates the screen with her performance as the great blues singer Bessie Smith, and Alicia Keys raises $25,000,000 at her annual Black Ball for AIDS research. Who does that???
However many more years of music has Jazz Giant Randy Weston in his body, soul, and spirit to birth and nurture, shouldn't he be heading and leading one of the nation's great Jazz institutions where he could share his monumental knowledge, legacy, and experience?