African American studies

You don’t need to believe in hate speech to say unequivocally that whoever hung nooses on our campus lost their right to be at American University.
Eugene Ethelbert Miller, who goes by his middle name, “Ethelbert,” is a writer and literary activist who says he’s never
But these Hollywood companies have been slow to sign more diverse talent.
Religious studies for all of the progress that has been made in including a more diverse set of narratives is still largely dominated by dead white guys who talked about rationality and being with respect to white male bodies
When you're going into college (whether you're a freshman, senior, or somewhere in between) as someone who is, or aspires to be, an activist, the amount of preparation involved can seem overwhelming or even impossible to navigate. Believe me, I've been there.
Brother, I'll let that insult slide because I know you're feeding into some repressed anger right now. You need to get with that sankofa, reflect on our history. Know where you came from.
What if students, what if white students, starting in kindergarten and through graduate school, American's future leaders, teachers, and voters, learned a 4th "R" -- racism -- alongside of (w)riting, reading, and (a)rithmetic?
"In fact, most of the people … have objected to your post because you dismissed an entire academic field based on the cherry
As our nation commemorates "Black History Month" it is fitting that we pay tribute to contributions of "elders" to our own nation's struggle for participatory democracy
Despite university budget cuts and a rise in anti-ethnic-studies sentiment, black-studies programs have held their ground
Under similar circumstances, Barack Obama probably would have responded to the police with respect and deference. Gates did
Hip-hop accounts for more empowering music, artwork, dance and writing than any other cultural movement in the history of our country.