African Development Bank

Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate the enormous progress made by women throughout history. Yet
That's the vision that has spurred NGO's, and start-ups tfrom Nepal, to India to East Africa into action. In Nepal Gham Power
That is a question posed by a report released today by Oil Change International and the Sierra Club, which is an update to
Opportunity cost, a key economic concept, attempts to ensure that scarce resources are used efficiently. When it comes to
However, the holistic view is that we are improving, a continent that just came out of colonialism less than a century ago
As we pledge for parity in the use, access, creation and leadership in technology, we must ensure that we are working on ways to make it a safe space so that women truly can gain parity with men, and so that when a woman pings, she will get a respectful, non-harassing ping back.
As Dr. Adesina noted, for the hundreds of millions in the dark, energy can not come soon enough. Africa's modernization, he
Africa's farming communities are not yet entrepreneurs, but with focused investment and support, they are our biggest untapped asset. My gut feel is that 2015 will be another year of great transformation for the African continent, with our agricultural sector making great headway.
More and better development assistance is needed for the least developed and fragile states. More development assistance should go to the countries most in need.
During the 2014 annual meetings of the African Development Bank in Kigali, Rwanda last May, the mood was both optimistic and pessimistic.