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Today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we celebrate the enormous progress made by women throughout history. Yet
The reality is the direction of travel of the utility industry globally (Trump be damned) is quite clear. Grids are moving
The new report shows that what is needed is for multilateral development banks to spend at least half of their energy portfolios
To shift the current paradigm, we must to create a way to help the world's most influential institutions properly assess
At the moment, the contraction in China and slow growth in Europe is affecting the continent. For the last ten years, Africa
As we pledge for parity in the use, access, creation and leadership in technology, we must ensure that we are working on ways to make it a safe space so that women truly can gain parity with men, and so that when a woman pings, she will get a respectful, non-harassing ping back.
Dr. Adesina stated that the New Deal would cost $40-70 billion per year, finance that - if derisked - could be supported
Africa's farming communities are not yet entrepreneurs, but with focused investment and support, they are our biggest untapped asset. My gut feel is that 2015 will be another year of great transformation for the African continent, with our agricultural sector making great headway.
More and better development assistance is needed for the least developed and fragile states. More development assistance should go to the countries most in need.
During the 2014 annual meetings of the African Development Bank in Kigali, Rwanda last May, the mood was both optimistic and pessimistic.
Those with intellectual and developmental disabilities number in the hundreds of millions, yet they too often live in the shadows of society. Subject to stigma, prejudice, shame, and abuse, they are often denied access to food, school, health care, and social integration.
What does a Savile Row fashion designer have in common with Africa's forthcoming industrial revolution? Well, in Ozwald Boateng's case, a lot.
Simply put, a well functional farming sector is a central requirement for the continent's transformation. One group that
Recently I attended the Africa Brain Trust 2012 forum entitled "Africa Rising: A Continent of Opportunity," which concentrated on reinforcing support for promising development-aid strategies, providing a networking venue for interested professionals and encouraging foreign investment.
Frenchman Dominique Strauss-Kahn quit the post in May over charges he tried to rape a New York hotel maid. Carstens has an
If ICBC declines to fund Gibe 3, China's biggest bank will demonstrate that it respects international environmental standards in its funding decisions.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, 80% of agricultural workers are women. According to the World Bank,They raise 90% of the food, but receive only 10% of credit extended for agricultural loans.