african diaspora

"The beauty of this project is that we as a diaspora made this film successful – and we’re just getting started as a diaspora," the actress said.
The Brownsville Community Culinary Center helps locals become chefs, while providing Brownsville, NY with its first sit-down restaurant in decades.
It's more than Black Panther. It's an entire movement.
There are some compromises that young undocumented activists and Democrats say they won't make when crafting an immigration deal.
In capitalism, everyone is guilty of cultural appropriation; and realizing that brings the conversation of accountability and ending it, a step further
The Trump Administration’s Africa policy remains terra incognito.
"Men of color historically were not granted the opportunity to appear sympathetic in portraits."
On this International Day of the Girl we celebrate women and girls all over the world and work towards how we as women can set a better example of leadership.
But beyond the basic skepticism and fact-checking required to listen to political discourse today, Black Studies provides
The Dandy Lion Project confronts the myth of the young black man as “thug."
Perhaps contemporary Western societies' misuse of the term "diaspora" to describe any national groups' geographic migration
The building of a union of countries with varied interests, political structures, and cultural characteristics is a challenging
So I ask again, if African Americans returned to Africa and were exposed to these realities, would Africa still appear to
The increasingly widespread usage of new technologies in Africa is fueling innovation and creating winds of change across