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The China Africa Project explores tough questions about the country and continent's relationship. This week, we talk about unemployment and imported labor.
The killing of Cecil the Lion, tragic as it might be to some, has laid bare some key issues that warrant further discussion. Few -- if any -- of these people rallying for ol' Cecil have shown their public concern and care for Zimbabweans.
The elite of Kenya's much-heralded entrepreneurship revolution work in an ultra-modern. co-working space overlooking the
During the 2014 annual meetings of the African Development Bank in Kigali, Rwanda last May, the mood was both optimistic and pessimistic.
Within Africa is a yearning, a dream and an understanding that Africa is a giant, waiting to wake up and shake up the world. Over a billion people and growing stronger by day, and unparalleled resources.
Africa's economic woes once seemed intractable. Not anymore. Economies south of Sahara, long considered as the poster child of sluggish growth, have recently and suddenly surged, posting some of the world's most impressive growth rates.
The American business community is waking up to something their Chinese counterparts have known for some time: Fast economic growth in Africa will bring high rewards to those who invest there early.
Why is Africa's job growth so weak while its economic growth outlook is just fine, even robust? The reasons are structural in nature and three-fold.
There are a few issues that still hover over the region such a few more nations still need to embrace the range of democracy