African elephant

A one-two punch of poaching and habitat loss threatens the creatures.
A zookeeper stressed that the pachyderms are being non-psychoactive CBD that "will not give them any high.”
Kalina, 8, and Nyah, 6, died after showing signs of the elephant herpesvirus, for which there is no cure.
Environmental groups say the new policy encourages big-game hunters to kill African elephants for "cheap thrills."
The U.S. government will allow hunters to import elephant trophies on a case-by-case basis, breaking the president’s pledge.
That campaign, based on the number of African elephants killed daily in 2012 due to poaching, is aimed at educating the public about ivory trade and consumption.
In a joint statement, the organizations said: As a community working to save the African elephant, we have worked hard to
Elephants always seem to be at the top of peoples' lists. Here are a few of my favorite opportunities for elephant interactions in East and Southern Africa.
Established in the 1990s, Thailand's Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai sets out to help Asian elephants -- and visitors are welcome.
Unfortunately, at a price tag of $5,500 I don't think I will see the Captain's Chair under my Christmas tree. What is your