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She will be held in a juvenile detention facility until she's 21, with probation afterward.
The unnamed white teenage girl had a notebook with detailed plans to kill worshippers at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Gainesville police say.
The religious leaders' open letter said the bill would force "America’s most vulnerable people to face unnecessary and immoral obstacles."
You only die once. So why are both federal and state prosecutors separately trying to kill the 22-year-old man who, in July
Climate change "disproportionately impacts African Americans," said church leaders.
I hold both extremes - the Holocaust deniers and the Holocaust revisionists - as offensive to the good people who were all taken from us far too soon. Let them rest in peace. Let the truth prevail.
When the counter-protestors began the chant #AllLivesMatter what they were really saying is that black lives do not matter more than theirs. If these people sincerely believed that #AllLivesMatter, we would not be forced to chant and declare that #BlackLivesMatter.
Under pressure from the judge, Fenwick later admitted, “I am a white man.” "Context is so important. In the current day, Rachel
As the congregation and community struggled to make sense of the shooting that left nine members dead, including the church's