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Photo credit: Jamie Joseph / © We ramble along a sandy road, and as we turn the corner we meet a young
  One of the greatest sites in Nairobi Kenya and all of Africa, is the Karen Blixen Museum. Jim and I were given a private
There's nowhere like Victoria Falls. That's not hyperbole, just a statement of truth. The waterfall, on the mighty Zambezi River, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.
Photo courtesy Sand River Selous. The camp's five river-facing rooms are constructed out of stone, wood and thatch and the
Smile! Photo Credit: Randy Minton Going on an African Safari is always a thrilling adventure. I have done safaris in the
Moreover, after my many trips to Africa, I even changed my middle name from Ann to a Nigerian middle name of Ngozi. My soon
Over 400 African safari operators participated in the largest survey of its kind to determine which tourist nationality is
The Africa continent is increasingly becoming a desired destination for millions of world-class travelers, who enjoy the white sandy beaches, wildlife safaris, and cultural tours in every region of Africa.