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“Smoking this would definitely be a multiday endeavor,” the man who commissioned the joint told HuffPost.
Animal Kingdom announced the little girl's birth on Wednesday. They've named her Stella. 🐘
“Giraffes are the new whistleblower begging us for vigilance."
For a brief moment yesterday, Times Square stood still. Even the world's most famous cluster of dazzling super signs, towering over Broadway, could not compete with the simple message that on this day, we all stand for elephants.
This is, so far, the most monumental victory in the fight to save Africa's elephants, and a major push back against greed, status symbols and corruption.
There are a growing number of global citizens that refuse to believe in a world without elephants and rhinos, who believe that man has no right to make another species extinct, and who are acutely aware that the greatest threat to wildlife is the belief that someone else will save it.
We will never win the war on poaching unless we get the Asian demand countries on side through education and legislation; however, that will take patience and a whole lot of political will, and in the meantime Africa's wildlife is haemorrhaging.
I was raised Catholic, but have followed Buddhism most of my adult life. People buying ivory have a right to know that their purchase is causing incredible trauma.
Prominent New Zealand business leaders have teamed up with many of the most respected international conservation agencies and spokespeople to urge the New Zealand Government to consider a complete ban on all ivory trading.
If we don't educate and provide other sources of income for the Maasai and other African tribes, African elephants will not survive another 10 years in the wild. Rhinos, too, are being poached for their horns.
AWF and WildAid's Say No Campaign. aims to educate people in these matters, and to curtail the buying of rhino horn products
Experts in rhino conservation met last week in Nairobi in response to a rhino poaching epidemic gripping South Africa and Zimbabwe, which reached a record high in 2011.