It’s OK to be curious, but black women are not a curiosity.
"There’s so many talented Afro-Latinos all around the world but we’re not given the same opportunities based off the way that we look," she said.
She was told that if she didn't alter her hairstyle, she'd be refunded for the next semester at the private school.
Here's why it's important we still talk about it now.
A London mother just wanted her daughter to grow up thinking there was nothing wrong with her healthy, puffy Afro. So she
Okay, let’s start with the obvious and overt cultural appropriation. Actually, let’s start with the age-old fight over so
"We're doing this for our people, for the culture," said Lindsey Day, the editor-in-chief.
Bantu knots may be "trendy" right now, but what you're doing is disrespectful.