“Afro-Latina excellence is not highlighted enough."
"We are no longer in the shadows. Justice and Healing must happen.”
I'm not sure where I go from here, because I quite frankly I don't know what it will take to truly galvanize Latinas. I have
Even with Lemonade's cameos of of Afro-Cubana sisters Ibeyi -- which I took to symbolize the interconnectedness of Afro-Latinidad within the diaspora -- it still wasn't about us. It's okay that it isn't about us.
I am glad that now I know, first hand, how a situation can escalate during an encounter with a black woman and an angry officer. If the officer had grabbed someone else that way I would rationalize my pain without using race or gender, but he didn't. Now I can understand the fear and frustration from my brothers and sisters better.
After my first trip to Puerto Rico last year as a grown Black woman (that's how I had finally chosen to identify), I've never
Sadly, I do not live in a world where Afro-Latinos are very visible. My world reinforces what I learned as a child: that having white skin is "better."
Renowned stars like Julio Iglesias and even The Rolling Stones have sung tribute to the exuberant body shapes, enormous talent
In the issue, Rosario dishes to Latina on playing Dolores Huerta in an upcoming biopic, her thoughts on motherhood, and her