Afro Latino

“I was always this girl who felt like she had to choose between being black or Dominican," vlogger MonicaStyle Muse told HuffPost.
Beauty vlogger and social media star MonicaStyle Muse discusses her struggles growing up as an Afro-Latina, and how she came to embrace her identity.
After years of ratchet reality TV, can Joseline truly make a change?
I learned from my relatives that I didn’t have to choose between being Black and being Latino, and that I should love my powerful, rich cultural intersection
Fierce and fly women represented at the 2016 Afro-Latino Festival.
Elizabeth Acevedo says she's been writing this kind of poem over half her life.
Crystal Rodriguez said she hopes her comics will inspire others to "shake out their curls and dance bachata half naked."
Not even the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico could put a damper on one of New York’s biggest celebrations of the year. Knicks
I think people would be surprised how many times I've had another Latin-American person call my hair "nappy." As if my hair is license to my ethnicity.
For its fourth consecutive year, Afro-Latino Festival will take place in New York City. This July, we’ll witness three days
Known to her community as Dona Dijé, at 68 years old, Afro-Brazilian Maria de Jesus Bringelo is one of the most important national leaders of the women babassu nut breakers movement in Brazil.
"Bino & Fino" will educate Afro-Brazilian children about their African roots.