after an affair

"Choose a path forward based on what serves you...and only you."
4. "Take the time to think about your situation. Don't react immediately and make a decision you'll regret. You don't have
Do you see yourself saying something like that if your cheating partner suggests you go to couples therapy to see if the
However, there is one casualty of this affair that won't get fixed: Sue's friendship with her college roommate Mary Ann. "Once
With these six steps, you will learn how to have sex that focuses both of you on reconnecting with one another, increasing your sensual connection and changing your relationship for the better.
How do you convince your spouse that you want to save your marriage after you've cheated? One of your first priorities should
But how possible is it for couples to recover after one partner cheats? Here's what our Facebook and Twitter followers had
Ask yourself, what are the benefits of you doing what you did to whom you did it to? They will have benefited from what you