"Did your dad pass recently, Noah?” the medium asked. “I think this is him and he has a message. Do you want to hear it?”
Shows like "Miracle Workers" and "The Good Place" set the afterlife in the office. What hath capitalism wrought?
“I’m seeing someone behind you. A man with dark hair. Did someone close to you hang himself?” she asked.
The new "LifeAfter" podcast grapples with the future of our digital footprint.
One man's truth is another man's falsehood. Senior teachers are a school's quality control officers. Students who are brilliant
I am finally certain beyond a reason of a doubt that there is much more to reality than we have any idea. And I look forward to seeing the developments in this area. This can change your world view, and who knows where that might lead.
Student: I think that human motives are enough to be good. Those who are good because they believe in an afterlife aren't
I have attempted self-inquiry. I like it. And it fits two of my favorite criteria: one doesn't have to believe anything, or
Teacher: How would you see this life if you didn't believe in an afterlife? Teacher: I'd like you now to role-play someone
The question for me is not why Millennials, and not just Millennials, are inclined to divorce religion from the afterlife, but whether this is good for religion. Will the latest research, all of it secular, be friend or foe?
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The actress shared her beliefs about life after death in a conversation with comedian Chelsea Handler.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
1. According to Billy, there is no judgment or punishment in the afterlife. That's because the nature of the Divine is Pure
The fundamental problem with religion is that believers--about 5 billion people right now on Planet Earth--are so sure they're "correct" on anything and everything they believe.
He's not saying, "Do this or else." He's talking about trajectory. He's talking about lifestyle. This is not a passage about
I have rich, juicy memories of the sentimental relationship I had with my son when he was alive in physical form. Those memories