Over 40 aftershocks rattled the rural region nestled in the Alborz Mountains, and residents rushed out of their homes in fear.
The quake was felt across Puerto Rico and was the strongest to hit the island in recent years.
“This was a very good wakeup call, essentially,” an emergency official said before urging residents to think about preparedness.
A widely felt magnitude 5.4 quake before dawn Friday was the strongest aftershock thus far.
The Red Cross said it was focusing relief efforts on an estimated 20,000 people yet to get any assistance.
The death toll climbed to 55 and is expected to rise further.
We, in Nepal today, are injured people. We have lost much. But not all. And to heal, we must get in touch with that portion of our lives that is not yet broken. In this, we have much to learn from the Haiti earthquake, where the largest aftershock came eight days after the main earthquake.
Everyone, cancer or not, deals with aftershocks. They can ripple through our lives causing anxiety, depression and a host of other issues until we confront them. After a huge catastrophe in your life it unfortunately doesn't end there; we have to deal with the debris around us.
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Aftershock is competently made and effective at making you squirm. That's as much praise as I'm willing to dish out.
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Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions. TOKYO, April 12 (Reuters) - A second major aftershock measuring 6.3
Surprise consequences to the earthquake in Japan have revealed significant weaknesses in both the worlds of politics and business and from an investment point of view, there are lessons we can learn.
TV footage showed several people standing on the roof of a three-story building in Miyagi prefecture (state), surrounded
Confucianism, China's societal blueprint, also extols stability as the antecedent of forward momentum. Confucian thought
There are three main views of the financial crisis and the most recent recession. In the first two views, the debate over
The social contract worked to everyone's advantage, because it gave the middle class the buying power to keep the economy going. Even those at the top did well as the economy boomed.
In the 1930s and 1940s, we restructured our economy to widen prosperity. The result was the Great Prosperity -- a period running from 1947 to 1975, in which the American economy boomed.