According to dermatologists, this is when you should start.
We are all aware of the admonition caveat emptor or buyer beware, but we should also add reader beware for studies that purport to deal with complex issues in facile ways. One such recent example is the McKinsey Global Institute's July 2016 Report "Poorer than Their Parents," that examines an important policy issue of inter-generational income patterns, but does not do the topic justice.
While I am no expert on life and continue to make 764.5 mistakes each and every day, here is a compilation of what I have learned and know to be true at the age of 33 (in no particular order of importance.)
I have been online dating for about a year now, and I thought my profile picture looked cute. I had placed my puppy Lucille strategically in the photo, for who could not fall in love with a puppy?Clearly, my strategy has not worked.
This asterisk symbolizes my belief and commitment that humans are more than their age and that stereotypes and discriminations based on age need to be challenged within our own psyches and the world!
A baby girl born today could well live beyond the end of this century. But if she is to enter the 22nd century happy, healthy, and financially secure, we need to start making some big changes to the way the world treats and cares for older people -- now.
This WHO report marks a revolution because it forces us to recognize that aging isn't just about the old. It's about all of us. And aging is not just about diseases -- but also health and activity, work and financial planning.