ageless beauty

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Fine like wine. 👌🍷👌
7. Sandra Farris, Co-Chair, San Francisco Opera Ball 2016 “I do the treadmill every morning while reading the latest bestseller
Off to walk Orchid with sunblock and olive oil! 😉 The point of today's story is that those of us over fifty that cannot
Thousands of times every day advertisers tell women, both young and old, that they are failing to be attractive and/or beautiful, while simultaneously telling women that being attractive and beautiful are the only conduits to pleasure and happiness.
If 83-year-old Carmen De Lavallade had not already convinced you that age eighty is the new twenty, we have another timeless
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When it comes to turning 50, "The Midlife Crisis" is as inaccurate -- and tiresome -- a cliché as "Reinvent Yourself" has become.