His clothing was no more remarkable to me than any other man's. Even though I hardly ever saw another man wearing a skirt. Skirts are just fabric. Clothing has no gender. Celebrate diversity.
I feel fortunate to have caught a glimpse of what the world looks like when people who have been traditionally marginalized represent themselves en masse, inserting their presence into historically restricted public spaces.
They might never quite appreciate what 'agender' means to you, which is perfectly ok. Sometimes the best approach is to help them get to a place where they respect your identity, regardless of whether they fully comprehend it.
I've been fundraising for my surgery for nearly a year now and in that process, I've discovered that there are a lot of assumptions people make about me. I'd like to address and debunk those.
Maybe what those of us who identify as genderqueer are demonstrating to the world is that gender is far more broad and nuanced than we otherwise might believe, and that the traditional understandings we have internalized are breaking down.
As we change our gender, clothing can be one of the most intimidating obstacles we face. What do we do?
Right now our community is in the awkward, liminal space where we move from past to future, from disempowerment to autonomy. We have endured decades of conflict. Our struggles are finally showing signs of victory.
2015-05-12-1431405406-5396287-2015050814311195206358299AndreJvid.jpg"Love yourself." It seems like a simple-enough mantra, but for Andre J. it took a lot of learning experiences to understand its true power.