Former ICE spokesman, James Schwab got a surprise visit from Homeland Security agents after speaking out about misinformation the Trump administration was spreading.
Read Books about Writing I hardly ever read self-help books for writers. I'm too big-headed, thinking, Hey, I already have
Most agencies don't scout outside their actual building. There are many "imposters" out there. Wilhelmina gives some great
It may come as a surprise to most people as to what a casting director actually does, even if you've considered yourself a professional talent for a number of years. It may interest you to know a casting director does not "rep" you; a talent agent represents talent.
The question has been posed to me several times. What would happen if I were a literary agent and I were alive back when famous authors were just starting out? Naturally, I'd reject them with very sarcastic snail mail! In fact, this is one such rejection letter to R. L. Stine, regarding his hit series Goosebumps. Enjoy!
Bottom line: Moving expenses go far beyond loading up a truck. If you have months to plan, make lists, get estimates and
These days, I'm often approached by aspiring writers who want to know how I beat the odds. I'm always happy to chat with
Years from now, are you going to think about that internet video that got a million views your friend sent you, or that film that changed your life?
Sometimes authors who audit their statements find mistakes. "I once found a $700.00 error on my royalty statement from my publisher that I noticed after scouring the numbers. My publisher apologized and said it was obviously an error and quickly corrected it, but would he have noticed if I hadn't looked carefully?"
Events at this year BookExpo America (BEA) showcase how Inkubate powers the traditional publishing pipeline with its interactive platform
Much of what determines the success or failure of an author's career is beyond the author's and agent's control. But holding out for an agent who is a fearless negotiator can be the author's best defense for an author in a challenging, uncertain business.
Pitch sessions are a staple at most writers conferences, offering authors the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with literary agents to talk about their projects. Some conferences pair writers and agents for ten minutes of one-on-one time, often for an additional fee.
Crossing the threshold from unpublished to published author was a similar journey for me: I had to keep pounding on that door until, one crack at a time, it gave way. There was no one lucky break. It was more like a hundred of them.
There is no guide to starring on reality TV, and that's not by accident. Production companies and networks are perfectly comfortable with the idea that new reality talent have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Seriously. It makes their jobs easier.
With the introduction of various Pay-to-Play (P2P) sites, such as and, nonunion talent now have greater opportunities than ever before.
When I moved to New York in 2003 I had big dreams; acting in Broadway plays, scoring a breakthrough role in a small film, and generally becoming the next Meryl Streep. But after a few humbling auditions, I realized I couldn't pay my rent with my ambition.
There is always a point, about 250 pages into writing a novel, where I want to set fire to it.
The agent met you three minutes ago, and is giving you a CAR. For TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! The only place you're getting a better deal that quickly is on The Price is Right.
All the perseverance, promotion, and patience required of you, beyond what anyone might have initially considered acceptable, would certainly surprise the average man on the street. But then maybe that's the whole point. To stand out, you have to stand up.