I'd noticed lately that men no longer seemed to notice me when I was in the grocery store line, or even out on the town, but it didn't truly hit me how bad the situation had become until one recent morning at Starbucks.
I have walked and stood and moved with my legs for an estimated 10 hours a day, which means I have used my legs for 171,550 hours in my lifetime. These legs have moved me to new cities, up mountains and down streets winding through places new and old.
Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust joins Dena to weigh in on how we perceive the process of aging.
Just as society's institutions were grossly unprepared for our baby boom, we have done far too little to prepare for the coming age wave. Ironically, while our demographic heft is not our fault, its impact will be our legacy.
you don't need any "miracle" supplements or expensive brain-training games to keep your mind sharp. All it takes is a set of healthy habits.
More than 20 years ago, I joined my closest women friends on a four-day backpacking trip in the Golden Trout Wilderness area of Kern County, California. That trip has served as a road marker for me ever since, helping me find my way home whenever I stray off course.