Aging Gracefully

Experts say things like tablets, food delivery services and home modifications can help older adults maintain their independence safely.
The "Family Ties" actor said she feels "sad" for people who think they need to "fix their face before anything else can happen."
Finding your community as an older adult is possible, but it’s going to take some effort.
Sure, sex may be different in this phase of life. But make no mistake: It can still be satisfying.
"Today, I have had fans from 19 to 79, but my core demographic fan is men 24 to 40. I was honestly shocked that men in their late 20s would find me attractive."
The best skin care preparation, application techniques and makeup products to age gracefully.
"Sure, a night out at a crowded bar in your 20s is cool, but have you ever shopped for groceries in an empty store in your 30s?"
"Sixty was the age of leaving the house and returning for the car keys, the age of 'have you seen my glasses?' Who left a marriage at this point?"
"I’m still hard working, inquisitive and sexy," tweeted the "Criminal Minds" actor as she acknowledged the start of 2023.