aging in place

Second, I want to try to make a positive contribution to people I know and many whom I have never met. For the people I know
Dear Savvy Senior, My husband and I are thinking about making some modifications to our home so we can remain living there
Much is being done on housing, but there are other areas that need age-friendly attention. We have an emerging transportation
Read more from Marian L. Knapp. So, olding for me is about careful listening and learning about what is happening within
Why are age-friendliness, livability and this designation important and what does it all mean? The movement strives to engage
The NCOA/NDSS collected and reported data to show that "younger" older people may prefer single family homes, condos and
As we get older, freshening up our living space is energizing, but it also becomes important to look at our home as either something that is dragging us down, or something that supports changing needs.
The Newton Council on Aging, the Newton Department of Senior Services, and city administration has begun to bring representatives
My parents are thrilled to live in the house where my sisters and I grew up. I enjoy visiting them and look forward to a time when my kids, as grownups, will come home to enjoy a place that's familiar and inviting. But where will that be? I've started to wonder.
February 22 - Kalamazoo, Mich. - an Uber taxi driver goes on a killing spree. On the same day in another city, a pedestrian