aging tips

Are you ready to take the leap? Whether you're cutting, coloring, or letting your silvers come in naturally, our how-to-go-gray guide will help ease the transition.
Do yourself a favor and begin following it. Today is all about motivation and inspiration and stimulation (no, not that kind
Baby boomers, how fast does time move for you? That is a tough and very complicated question.
  “There is so much pressure to look young," Margulies told NewBeauty. "But it sure beats the alternative. If I wasn’t aging
Aging is full of unpleasant little surprises. Fair warning would have been nice!
Aging is not without a few pitfalls. But here are seven numbers that should bring you some comfort: 15. Those aged 65 to
6. The 3-inch shorts your teen daughter wears are not a shareable clothing item. 13. Victoria's Secret is really just for