aging tips

Are you ready to take the leap? Whether you're cutting, coloring, or letting your silvers come in naturally, our how-to-go-gray guide will help ease the transition.
Do yourself a favor and begin following it. Today is all about motivation and inspiration and stimulation (no, not that kind
Baby boomers, how fast does time move for you? That is a tough and very complicated question.
  “There is so much pressure to look young," Margulies told NewBeauty. "But it sure beats the alternative. If I wasn’t aging
Aging is full of unpleasant little surprises. Fair warning would have been nice!
Aging is not without a few pitfalls. But here are seven numbers that should bring you some comfort: 15. Those aged 65 to
6. The 3-inch shorts your teen daughter wears are not a shareable clothing item. 13. Victoria's Secret is really just for
All of the centenarians wore hearing aids, most wore glasses and were able to read and watch TV, and all of them were slim
5. Cold weather has been linked to living longer. In a study published in Cell, researchers from the University of Michigan
I have walked and stood and moved with my legs for an estimated 10 hours a day, which means I have used my legs for 171,550 hours in my lifetime. These legs have moved me to new cities, up mountains and down streets winding through places new and old.