The group hopes the "Lighthouse" will inspire people of all faiths -- and no faith.
  On his Senate campaign website, Roy Moore says, “Religious liberty is the civil rights issue of our time.” But when Roy
People not so inclined to march in lock step with their politics are fleeing this version of “the church” at record levels, especially young people.
One thing inadvertently equips Trump to reconcile the professions of unique truthfulness by incompatible religions: his utter indifference to the truth.
Recently, I wrote about the record low approval rating of President Trump and his administration. While those numbers represent
Rev. Timothy Keller spent nearly 30 years reaching out to skeptics in New York City. Here's what he's learned.
How to proceed with your own worldview? Polytheism spread over the planet several thousand years ago to produce a majority
A religious freedom law strengthens America's commitment to defending belief -- and unbelief -- abroad.
As I read deeper in the literature of unbelief and 'freethought' from the past three centuries, it is interesting to see
As far as I can discover from interviews and from books, there are at least 21 reasons smart people find God unconvincing
I could enlarge the list to another ten names, but a short list serves. Trump does not rise to the level of all the biblical
Preach Love of Enemies But Never Do It Advise Forgiveness of Enemies But Never Do It Avoid Bible Passages Like Micha Loving
First, the Trinity is referred to as 'three persons.' Second, there is a division of labor among the persons of the Trinity
Saying Jesus is fully divine and fully human is an illogicality that does not even rise to the level of a 'seeming' paradox
Those who oppress the wealthy insult their Maker, but those who are kind to the wealthy honor God. (Proverbs 14:31) Consider