You may think you're being useful by saying certain common phrases that seem helpful, but they're not. I've created a list of things people have said to me during a panic attack. Word of advice: Don't say these things. But lucky for you, I'm also including some helpful ways to make the situation less awkward for everyone.
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You hear a lot about agoraphobia, deriving from the Greek word for marketplace, agora, and which defines as
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The singer-songwriter shares how she casts away the "gremlin voices" and finds peace.
If it could happen to a professional athlete, it could happen to me. I called the cardiologist the very next day and I was scheduled to have my ICD implanted.
"And that's how emotional habits are. So as much as you can say, 'I was abused as a child, I don't want to abuse my child
I have no idea how to approach her about this without sounding like I am accusing her of some deliberate dishonesty or undermining the validity of her claims to physical illness.
Agorafabulous! manages the rather sneaky feat of making what Sara Benincasa astutely calls "the wrong kind of different" seem not so wrong at all.
"Also I have panic attacks," I added quickly. "And I'm afraid of cars and buses and trains and planes. I mean, I rode in a car today but I really didn't want to."
So I wait, and I breathe slowly, and I delight in writing a second book, my first novel. It's full of characters who have
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Should he really push a pair of hot but definitely just-this-side-of-snug jeans on a widow when there's probably a perfectly good nun's habit available on eBay?
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It's Thanksgiving time, and Kim Parshley is getting ready to make her famous pumpkin pie. She wishes the recipe had been handed down from her grandmother. It wasn't; she was left to concoct it all by herself.
You never know how strong you really are until circumstances make you aware that major changes have to be made in your life. That was the case with Paula Deen.
Is there anything I can do to move her out of that box and try new things or go new places? I'm starting to feel like she
I spoke with Sara Benincasa late last month, and covered everything from the upcoming mustache benefit she's hosting to her rise among the comedic ranks.