Republicans have torpedoed the USDA's attempts to reduce the amount of pizza, french fries and salt that our kids consume at school. Why? Because the frozen pizza companies, the salt industry and potato growers asked them to. Really. It's that simple.
Sandwiched between the caricatures of loco locavores and McWilliams' hey-ho-GMO cheerleading, lies the meat of the matter; we can't go on eating animals like this.
The film Food Fight rounds up all the usual suspects to decry this rotten food system, as well as the true foot soldiers in the battle to make real food available to all of us, regardless of income or region.
Steak or salmon? Enjoy your dithering while you can, folks. It's Agribiz vs. Aquabiz, and at the moment, the farmers are beating the waders off of the fishermen.
With dwindling resources, climate change, and the triple threats of peak oil, peak soil, and peak water nipping at our heedless heels, industrial agriculture is becoming a "luxury" we can't afford.